Sustainable Development Goals are golden Gateways that can open opportunities for world peace and harmony.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are gold drops to accelerate the development gears of the countries and to promote world peace and harmony. UN and its Partner countries adopted the current sustainable development goals for promoting and stabilizing poverty alleviation; environmental protection; human development; and national welfare and prosperity.

SDGs refers to 17 sustainable goals associated with achievable targets and verifiable indicators. SDGs are able to contribute to  transform the world if implemented effectively as per set policies and guidelines.

This is a fact that UN Partners have diversified political and development perspectives and interests. Nevertheless, the SDGs are able to bring them together in a common platform which can promote world peace and harmony tremendously. This needs full understanding and commitment  by the UN Partner countries to implement the Sustainable Development Goals for mutual benefit of  the respective partner countries and our loving world.

The following slideshow presents the 17 SDGs adopted by the UN and the Partners:

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