Human Development is the golden key for global prosperity and progress


Human development has been a global concern associated with international development perspective. Human development refers to capability of human being to enjoy the world through better choices  and a decent standard of living amidst self respect and social justice. A long and healthy life; access to knowledge; and a decent standard of living  are the core essence of human development paradigm.

Human Development Index (HDI)

The progress in the arena of human development are measured by  Development Index like Human Development Index (HDI); Gender-related Development Index; Gender Empowerment Measure and the Human Poverty Measure. Human Development Index (HDI) can assess the condition and status of progress and welfare  based on life expectancy, education, per capita income, etc., around the world. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) brings out Human Development Report regularly to focus on this human development situations of nations across the globe. This development pictures are categorized through developing countries, least developed countries and developed countries.

A HDI diagram is presented below for reference.


Human Development is the center for all development activities across the world and countries. The ultimate results and targets of all development projects; donor aided projects; activities of donor agencies; and that of UN agencies ; aims at improving  the human development index, human welfare and social justice for all human being. This again needs full commitment and dedication by all concerned.

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